Much Like Crack-Smoking Mayors, DC Decides Gay Marriage is A-Ok!

Sick and tired of getting screwed out of representation in Congress, the District of Columbia decided to stick it to the man the only way they know how: letting the gays get married. Yay!

The bill, approved 11-2 in the D.C. City Council, will now head (ha ha head) to Democratic Mayor Adrian M. Fenty who […]

Joe Lieberman Wins His Millionth Consecutive Worst Person Award!

Seriously, I’m beginning to think the best public option for health care reform may be to kill Joe Lieberman and simply be done with the whole “Wah Wah nobody likes me because I’m a dishonest, deceitful, conniving, backstabbing, boring old fuddyduddy who sucks the oxygen from every room” routine. Because, quite frankly, it’s getting a […]

Houston We Have a Problem: Annise Parker to be First Openly Gay Mayor in City History

Holy flaming cannoli! After stinging defeats in Maine and that godless cesspool New York, it seemed those feisty gays would be condemned to eternally wander, cold and alone, with nary a constitutional protection to call their own.

But then like a beautiful rainbow after the storm, a glimmer of light broke through the dark menacing clouds, […]

Teabaggers to Feign Violent Death in Senate Offices Because of ???

It has been well over a month since intelligent, freedom-loving men and women from across this great land don their colonial best, polish their guns to glistening perfection, and march on Capitol Hill to toss teabags at our elected officials because of their plans to put Grandma out of her misery and also help average […]

Holy Cow-on-the-Tracks! Wacky RNC Chairman Michael Steeles the Show

Thanks to the magical land of tubes known as the Internets, precious moments once relegated to a secret corner of the attic can now be enjoyed by any loser with a computer and a connection.

That means everyday schlubs like you and me can now enjoy once-hidden treasures like this hilarious photo album of endlessly entertaining […]

Jenny Sanford Spreads the Holiday Cheer With Some Nice, Old Fashioned Divorce Papers

Did Babs Walters’ 10 most fascinating people special push Jenny Sanford over the edge by reminding her of that dumb, still-husband of hers Mark Sanford, whose compass famously navigated him from the innocent trails of the Appalachians to the smooth, welcoming arms of his Latina lover 3,000 miles away in Buenos Aires?

Could be. What we […]

When it Comes to Accuracy in News, Fox is a Whole Other Animal

*This is not a scientific poll

Yay! Apparently, Fox News is VERY serious about its new “zero tolerance policy” to gain credibility and abandon the whole laughingstock approach that’s pretty much been their bread and butter for the past, oh, ten or so years, by using actual facts instead of whichever voice is in Glenn Beck’s […]

Is That a Tiger in His Pocket or is Rod Jetton Beating and Choking Women During Sex Again?

At least Tiger Woods has one thing to be thankful for during this recent rough stretch: Former Missouri House Speaker and Republican values posterboy Rod Jetton.

Compared to Rod, Tiger’s “transgressions” almost seem, dare I say, normal or at least “normal” for a married guy whose sextracurricular activities include a heavy rotation of whores and cocktail […]

Meghan McCain Can’t Understand Why Hollywood Doesn’t See War as Playful Romp Through Gum Drop Forest

Meghan McCain is very upset. And this time, it’s not even ’cause of a bad hair day or ’cause everyone is talking about her bountiful breasts which she took a picture of and posted on Twitter because she loves America that much. Nope, not even close. This time it’s even worse: Hollywood.

Meggy just doesn’t understand […]

Dirty Harry to Outraged Republicans: Go Ahead, Make My Day!

For such a frail man, Senate Majority Leader and good-natured Mormon Harry “Mason” Reid sure manages to cause quite a stir. Especially when it comes to pissing off Republicans by saying things that are actually rooted in fact and reality and not just a figment of imagination from some teabagger’s twisted mind.

Instead of joining us […]