Sarah Palin’s So Gifted, She Can Even Say Funny Things Other People Wrote

In a nod to either Fidel Castro (minus the commie red star) or Brittney Spears circa 2005, professional celebrity and book tour legend Sarah Palin took her one-woman act to Washington, DC to appear as the GOP’s representative joke-teller at the annual winter Gridiron Dinner. Oh, you betcha!

There the world’s most famous losing candidate took […]

"Governor" Palin’s Very Important Book Tour Demands Strict Media Guidelines

Famous Alaskan floozy Sarah Palan continued her Going Rogue tour across the Lower 48, thrilling the good folks in small towns and mid-major cities with her wit, charm, and adorable maverick ways.

Next stop on Sarah’s whistlestop tour is none other than Minnesota’s world famous Mall of America, where our favorite Alaskan snowflake will delight huge […]

Should Teabaggers Embrace Their Moniker As The New, Freedom Fighting Version of N****r?

As President Obama deals with the war in Afghanistan, providing millions of Americans with adequate health care, a sluggish economy and widespread unemployment, conservatives are grappling with some weighty issues of their own: “to ‘teabag’ or not to ‘teabag.’”

Yes, proud, patriotic teabaggers all across the land are now faced with the pressing conundrum of whether […]

New York Nixes Gay Marriage, Reminding Us That It’s Still a State in Appalachia

Just Not In Their Backyard

Yay! The land of the free remains but a cruel joke as the rights of that one group of colorful misfits known as the gays were once again denied equal rights and the same constitutional protections granted to the rest of us normal, God-loving breeders.

That’s right folks! The good people of […]

Sen. Charles Grassley is Fond of Tits, Particularly the Public Kind

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is no stranger to saying ridiculous things about that terrible Barry man via his rather loose mouth or fast-flying Twitter-trained fingers.

Ol’ Grassley also never passes up an opportunity to use his favoritest word “tit” whenever he humors sniveling, snot-faced journalists with his distinct oratory talents.

Like on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal this morning, […]

Obama Puts Peace Prize to Work With New Afghan War Plan–Exit Strategy Included!

While the American people spent endless nights tossing and turning, worried that President Obama’s “dithering” on Afghanistan would not only invite a second 9/11 but the end of civilization as we know it, Obama and military advisers were working hard to craft a feasible strategy that goes beyond Bush’s brilliant approach to war: “Bring ’em […]

A Police Massacre in Washington: Just One of Huck’s Many, Costly Regrets

Tough talkin,’ bible thumpin,’ obesity trumpin’ former presidential laughingstock Mike Huckabee might be having some second thoughts about commuting Maurice Clemmons’ life sentence way back when he was still the rotund governor of Arkansas. But that doesn’t mean it’s Huck’s fault the psycho went off and massacred four police officers while they unassumingly sipped lattes […]