A "Jewish Problem?" Please, Not For Mr. Baruch Obama!

Baruch Being A Good Jew At The Wailing Wall In Jerusalem

He Loves America And Israel, Too!

Looks like we’ll need to find another group to blame now that the Jews are off the hook.

Barack Hussein Obama’s so-called “Jewish problem”–you know, the one the media predicted would cost him the elderly Jewish Mecca of Florida and as a result, the election itself, never quite panned out.

Then why all the fuss?

Well for starters, as a general rule, Jews don’t necessarily flock to vote for secret Muslim terrorists with the middle name Hussein.

They also just adore those Clintons and consider them to be honorary tribesman, so many were understandably miffed when that dark unknown guy with the weird name beat their beloved Hillary to win the nomination.

It took a little time but eventually even the older, more set-in-their-ways Jews warmed up to the man, as everyone, save for those with the worst cataracts, began to see what a mench Obama was.

John McCain, his new running mate Sarah Palin, and a crumbling economy basically took care of the rest.

If there is one thing Jews do not want to see, it is the “more experienced” presidential candidate handling money-related matters like a panicky school girl, albeit a white-haired one, wrinkly one.

Next on the list would probably be some right wing Alaskan nut job, who thought Jews had horns until the day before she accepted the VP nomination, wailing and shrieking about her deep love for Israel.

So, I guess it is safe to say that Barack Obama’s whole Jewish problem turned out to be nothing at all.

With one big exception of course:

“Who Me, Harmless Ol’ Joe Lieberman?”

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