All The World’s His Stage

London, Baby!

The Obamas arrived in London presumably to attend Thursday’s G20 economic summit of world leaders, but everyone knows the real reason is so President Obama can make up for humiliating British Prime Minister Gordon Brown after his little gift-giving faux pas last month.

You’ll have to excuse him–former community organizers aren’t accustomed to such hoity-toity traditions. But rest assured, Obama now understands a box-set of DVDs is never an acceptable gift for visiting dignitaries, and a DVD box set given in the wrong format is akin to dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

So, while some 4,000 anarchists, anti-capitalists, environmentalists and other assorted pink-haired hell-raisers jammed into London’s financial district to protest Thursday’s evil G20 global economic summit, the real story was going down in Buckingham Palace.
There, President Obama and first lady Michelle charmed the royal family, including her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, with exotic stories of their their humble, non-blue-blooded origins on the other side of the pond.

Determined not to repeat his earlier gift-gaffe and insult the entire English people, President Obama then presented the Queen with a gift sure to please even the most discriminating citizen of the United Kingdom.

A rare book of songs signed by “The King and I” composer Richard Rodgers (one of her all-time faves!), and an iPod loaded with video footage and photographs of the Queen’s 2007 trip to the United States, as well as some of her Royal Highness’ favorite easy listening music and show tune classics.

It was such a hit that even Barack was forced to admit Michelle might have been right about taking off Lil Wayne and Old Dirty Bastard after all.

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