Am I Taking Crazy Pills Or Is McCain Sporting A Fake Sarah Palin Look-A-Like?

Pay Close Attention To Lady In Right Corner

Someone please explain to me what in god’s green’s earth this is all about? Cause I can only think of two possible explanations, and neither is very comforting.

Either a mentally deranged woman who thinks she is Sarah Palin was able to sneak past security and stand dangerously close to John McCain during a campaign rally or the McCain team has hired a poor excuse for a Palin look-a-like to fill-in for the the real miss thang while she’s off shopping for designer clothes to give to poor people.

You know, so people will still show up, and the poor man won’t be left muttering, alone and cranky, about that damn Arab who wants to be President just so he can destroy America, my friends.

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