America's First Daughter Bristol Teaches Us All Valuable Lessons About Evolution & How To Simulate Sex And Still Not Win A Dance Show

The country’s, no make that the world’s best Mother, Sarah Palin of the Snowy North, took a break from her grueling schedule updating very important status messages on her favoritest Facebook to give an interview to some lamestream media outlet, Zap2it, or something, to let the whole world know how proud she is of her daughter Bristol for shimmy-shaking what her mama gave her like some some cheap whore on that teevee show, Dancing With The Gays or whatever.

“We’re so excited for Bristol,” Sarah Palin tells Zap2it. “This is so Bristol, challenging herself, getting out of her comfort zone. She had told us just a couple of weeks before the show started, she said, ‘Mom, “Dancing With The Stars” just called me and asked if I wanted to be on the show.’ I said, ‘What did you tell them?’ ‘I told them I’m not a star, and I don’t dance. Sure, I’ll join the show.’

Oh, hahahaha! What a coinkidink! Sort of like SarBear and the whole politics thing!

Aww, what the hell, you know Bristol, always ready to try anything once, even if it means a precious li’l miracle of God to screw up and give some weirdo name to, like say…Tripp?

“What she did, she loaded up her truck, and she drove it from Wasilla, Alaska, to Rodeo Drive [in Beverly Hills, Calif.], parked it there. She’s in a little apartment there, she and Tripp [her son, born in Dec. 2008], and one of my good friends is helping her with Tripp.”

Ooooh, wait let me guess! Is his name Levi Johnston/Ricky Hollywood??

“She’s having a ball,” says her mother. “What she said — and it’s kind of a life lesson for all of us, I think — she said, ‘Mom, no matter what I do, I’m going to get criticized, so I might as well go dance.’ I’m like, ‘Right on, go dance.’ She’s having a ball.”

Sure as hell beats getting knocked up by some man-whore in the back of Daddy’s pickup!

“Bristol loves [fellow competitor] Florence Henderson, and she says she relates to Florence more than anybody else.”

Of course, she relates to the 76-year-old star of the Brady Bunch! They’re both very wise for their ages and know exactly what it’s like to grow up in a family the size of a small militia. Not to mention the wrenching pain of losing a beloved spouse/baby daddy one-night stand, respectively.

“But she has not one complaint about anybody.” (Well, except for that one bitch, Audrina!) “Everything is positive, and she’s just amazed how helpful and kind and gracious everybody is. It’s been really good for her.”

So would doing anything, even slutting herself out on the nearest street corner if it meant getting the hell out of Wasilla and away from a certain overBEARing Mama Grizz.

Bristol, who celebrated her 20th birthday by grinding, thrusting, and letting loose all her and Levi’s secret sexytime moves for her 5th (and likely last!) steamy appearance on the show, was met with some decidedly mixed results, including from her own world famous grizzly bear mother.

“It’s just fine,” says Sarah Palin, “for never having danced at all, in her life.”

But you betcha Bristy sure has banged!

Good thing, li’l sis Auntie Piper has some advice for her big sis Brist!

“As Piper was listening to Bristol explain to me,” says Sarah, “how difficult the steps were — because a lot of these dances, we had never heard the name of the dances, much less knowing the steps of them — Piper said, ‘I know how you can learn those steps — just write them on the palm of your hand.’

“I’m like, ‘That’s exactly what I would do!’ I told Bristol she should do that for one of the songs.”

OMG totes! Then they can both be like special needs twins everyone laughs at for being so retarded resourceful as to scribble cheat sheets on the palm of their hand, in plain sight for all the world to see, en route to bein’ the bestest, most freest president of America, ever!

But that’s not all! Truth of the matter is Dancing with the Stars really wanted hot, hunky househubby Todd as their new, sexy Alaskan exploit but had to make do with dumb, boring ol’ Bristol instead. Or something like that. Point is, Todd was totally asked to be on the show first!

Asked about that, Palin says, “I know, that’s what I heard. That’s what Todd has heard, too, through the rumor mill, that they called Todd. Didn’t they call you, Todd?”

In the background, he answers in the affirmative. “Yeah, they called Todd. Oh …” she pauses to listen, “they contacted the governor’s mansion, the manager there, to try to get to Todd to ask him.”

As she boards the flight, Palin hands the phone to her husband, who says, “It was a good thing that I declined, otherwise we wouldn’t be watching Bristol today. Because, after my performance, they would ban any other Palins.”

Ugh, God damn it! If only the same rules applied to our nation’s democracy!

Though on the bright side, at least the American people don’t have to be deprived of witnessing the nation’s future First Daughter and celebrity warning against too much teenage monkey business in the tool shed sans protection, Bristol Palin, first don, then strip out of a monkey suit, and into a hot pink tutu, all the while dancin’ the jive (poorly) on primetime TV, and still manage to come out looking less ridiculous than every other time she’s made a public appearance. Ever.

Either way, Christine O’Donnell is just grateful someone finally demonstrated the whole evolution thing in a way she could understand: in rhythm, rhyme, and gorilla costume.

Evolution in 30 seconds. Boy, that Jesus sure can do anything!

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