Ann Coulter Under Investigation For Being Too Perfect

Smile If You’re Insane!

Giraffe-necked darling of the right Ann Coulter is reportedly under investigation
for being her usual ray of sunshine self, this time for her not-at-all sketchy attempt to register to vote in Connecticut while already being registered to vote in New York.

Which should come as a real surprise from the original long-legged poster babe of attractive pundits who mask their insanity by having blonde hair and wearing skin-tight f**k me dresses. No offense to Sarah Palin, of course, who has also found great success using this model, albeit the less educated, brown-haired, endangered-wolf hunting version.

This isn’t the first time Miss Coulter has come under scrutiny for violating election laws (she was investigated in 2006 for allegedly filing a false registration in Florida), but just like last time, we’re sure our dear Ann did nothing wrong and is simply an innocent victim of yet another unsubstantiated witch hunt by the godless left.

My guess is those damn “self-obsessed 9/11 widows” had something to do with it. Or maybe the pesky Jews. Ann always said they were up to no good. And when is she ever wrong?

Slutty Or Psycho?

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