April Showers Bring May Flowers…And Mass Murder Sprees

There Will Be Blood

Between the country’s economic crisis and election of terrorist-socialist Barack Obama as president, America seems to be a little on edge lately.

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it has to do with the weekend bloodbaths. Another day, another half-dozen gruesome murders or murder-suicides by some raging lunatic pissed off about something or another.

First, there was the Binghamton, New York massacre where a disgruntled Vietnamese immigrant sick of being a divorced, unemployed loser with limited English skills, opened fire on a class full of immigrants who managed not to flunk out, killing 14 people including himself.

Then, there was the the lovely young man in Pittsburgh who was so upset about President Obama taking away his guns and freedom that he decided to welcome the three police officers responding to his domestic disturbance call by ambushing them with an AK-47 before a four-hour standoff with cops that ended with two more shot cops and one bullet-ridden psychopath in custody. Hooray!

We round out the weekend’s festivities in Washington state, where a monster masquerading as a human being murdered his five children (ages 16-7) before disposing of his own pathetic self with a gun shot to the head. That’ll show the wifey and her new boy toy a thing or two.

Add these to last week’s nursing home rampage in North Carolina, mass murders and family slaughters in California, Ohio, and Alabama, and the Oakland murder of four police officers in a single day, and voila! it’s Springtime in America.

Nothing like the smell of fresh rose petals and still-hot bullet casings in the morning!

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