Are America’s Fave Alaskan Ice Duo Going The Way Of Levi And Bristol?

With Sarah Palin now gone as Empress of Alaska and all the boring talk about healthcare and racist, beer drinking cops throwing a few back with the President, August has certainly lived up to its reputation as the painfully slow news month when the media will listen to any kook and nutjob who says Barry is an ILLEGAL just to have something to fill their 24-hour news cycle.

Not anymore, because it looks like the Palin Family Circus is once again stepping up to the plate. Yeah!

But is the heart-wrenching rumor that America’s favorite couple from the snowy north is getting a divorce true or just another evil liberal media concoction designed to hurt sweet Sarah and her loving family? So hard to tell…

Sarah of course has taken to the non-mainstream media outlet The Facebook to denounce the nasty divorce rumors on her spokeswoman Meg’s page as pure fiction and just another example of mean-spirited journalists makin’ things up again.

Let’s take a look at the evidence.–which was also the first website to report the joyous news that Sarah Palin was running for governor of Alaska and was picked as John McCain’s VP candidate–is citing “multiple sources” (including a former Palin staffer) that the Palin’s are heading to splitsville. Gasp!

According to the report, the Palins were noticeably not speaking to each other for most of Sarah’s farewell speech and weenie roast in Alaska last week. As if that weren’t proof enough, after swearing in the new governor, Sarah ditched former first-dude Todd and made a quick getaway with Piper and son Trigg sans the hunky hubby, who was left to fend for his manly self.

Sarah also apparently removed her wedding ring a couple weeks ago and recently purchased land in Montana even though she is originally from Idaho. Is Sarah considering moving her family from wondrous Alaska to the sinful lower forty-eights?

Todd Palin also told Fox News last week that he was heading back to his job in the oil fields of Alaska, but after recently signing a book deal worth $11 million, you betcha’ you won’t find Miss hoity-toity slumming around oil rigs anymore. Leave that ne’er-do-well baby daddies like that scuzz bucket Levi Johnston.

As for the National Enquirer story exposing previous affairs on both sides as the reason behind the deterioration of their marriage and the stress from this leading to Palin’s shocking resignation as governor of Alaska last week, I couldn’t say. The Enquirer isn’t exactly the Anchorage Times.

But in all fairness, it makes a hell of a lot more sense than quitting in order to serve. Certainly more than that rambling, incoherent resignation speech about basketball, the media, God, and how only dead fish go with the flow.

Don’t Worry Todd: You Can Always Hug Your Sarah Cabbage Patch Kid!

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