As Dems Rejoice, Republicans Remind Us That Hope Is For Terrorists

Wow. Unless you are soulless, heartless, have no pulse, or apparently, are a Republican strategist, chances are you were moved by Joe Biden’s vice-presidential acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention last night. Call me old-fashioned, but between Biden’s deeply personal and genuinely heartfelt speech, Hillary’s electrifying call for unity and equally electrifying pantsuit, and Bill’s powerful passing of the torch to the younger, darker, seemingly less promiscuous version of himself, I felt hopeful and optimistic for the future of this country. Weird, I know.

Lucky for me, the typically eloquent Republican response of grunts, groans and the occasional snort saved me from this Democratic fantasy land of positivity and hope and brought me back to reality. That beautiful, GOP-filled utopia where hope is for terrorists. And celebrities. And terrorist-celebrities like Barack Hussein Obama.

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