Aw Snap! Hillary Lets World Know Which Clinton Wears The Pants Now

Poor old Hillary Clinton just cannot get a break. First her limelight-hogging husband Bill swoops in to rescue those two lady journalists from the bad Korea and become a world-wide hero, while Madam Secretary sat alone on the sidelines with no one but Al Gore to comfort her.

Now, Hillary travels all the way to Africa, specifically to the Democratic Republic of Congo, to get a little Sec. of State love and all anyone can ask her is “What Would Bill Do?” It’s enough to drive a gal crazy!

So while Hillrod is innocently taking questions in Kinshasa (of all places!), some insensitive Congolese university student had the gall to “ask her for her husband’s thinking on an international financial matter.”

“You want me to tell you what my husband thinks?” a stunned Hillary replied when the male student asked her what “Mr. Clinton” thought of World Bank concerns about a multi-billion-dollar Chinese loan offer to the Congo.

“My husband is not secretary of state, I am,” an obviously irritated Clinton said. “If you want my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I am not going to be channeling my husband.”

But that’s not even the funny part. Turns out the student’s translator misspoke, accidentally asking what Bill Clinton, and not President Obama, thought about a possible Chinese loan to the Congo. Oops!

Of course, everyone knows the question “touched a nerve” because Hillary is trying to raise awareness about the plight of women in Africa on her trip, and she can kiss all that goodbye because no one will ever respect women after that little faux pas.

So thank you Bill Clinton for allowing the rape epidemic in Africa to continue unabated all because your wife resents your stupid humanitarian efforts or whatever you wanna call them and, at least in the eyes of Congolese university students, can’t even keep her own damn husband straight.

Stupid women.

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