Barry Goes Hollywood

Obama Does Jay!

Omg. The media can’t stop buzzing about Barack Obama history-making turn as the first sitting president to ever make a guest appearance on the
“The Tonight Show.”

And can you really blame them? First, the whole black president thing and now the late night circuit? The man just won’t stop!

But a lot of Republicans aren’t laughing. They don’t like Obama the president and they certainly don’t care for Obama the Jokester. Not when there is an economic crisis to deal with.

If you’ll recall, John McCain suspended his campaign to deal with the problem head-on, he didn’t run around hamming it up with late night comedians with big chins and jerky head movements.

Maybe Mr. Hollywood should take a hint and go back to Washington so he can tend to his other job fixing the country instead of taking late night swipes at the Special Olympics.

We told you humor and the economy don’t mix. Kind of like Obama and bowling.

Special Olympics? Better Keep Practicing

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