Barry Surfs The Internets Just Like You & Me!

It’s the weekend and Barry’s got the comp all to himself! What on earth will dear leader do with his fun playtime alone on the Internets? Will he friend request Queen of the Facebooks Sarah Palin now that she quit running Alaska to take a full time job updating her Facebook status?

Will he hit up the Twitter like a cool Prez and go tweet-to-tweet with Twitterin‘ King Charles Grassley?

Perhaps he’ll check out and see if there’s anything he can do to muzzle those annoying birther thorns-in-his side once and for all?

Or better yet, maybe he’ll see what he can do about replacing that broke-ass, old 17-inch screen of his. I mean the President of the Free World shouldn’t be stuck using a Gateway PC running windows XP atop a desk cluttered with an old Dell laptop, a lame inspirational quote mug filled with cheap ballpoint pens, a bunch of folders, stacks of papers, hand sanitizer, and please don’t tell me that is a jar of throat lozenges I see near the edge.

Seriously, the dude is one Snuggie and couple of crumbs away from being exactly the same as the rest of us schlubs. Is he trying to make America look bad or something?

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