Be All That You Can Be When Forced To Be Someone You’re Not

So what can we infer from this latest poll of braindead America other than the collective IQ of our fellow countrymen hovers somewhere between Forrest Gump and Joey Tribbiani? And that’s being generous!

Well things are certainly much clearer now that we know America is all for letting plain ol’ gays and lesbians serve in the military, as long as the dreaded homosexuals understand being ‘all you can be’ doesn’t extend to their kind.

Heavens no!

Sure, a gay there, a lesbo there, everyone’s happy and all is well in the world. No harm, no foul etc, etc. But throw a homo into the camouflaged mix and who knows what crazy rainbow-tinged mayhem might ensue?

The last thing America’s armed servicemen and women need is an environment where those who are different are accepted, not bound, gagged and beaten to smithereens in a corner for being that one fag whose partner shares the same reproductive parts they do. Sickos!

Before you know it, you’ve got soldiers being honest, even tolerating (gasp!) the very same people entrusted with their lives.

So, after years of ignoring Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell until suddenly realizing there’s no one left to translate Arabic, the military, at the behest of Barack Obama, has finally decided to repeal the sensible, decades-long policy that ranks rapists, drug addicts, and violent offenders well ahead of the dreaded sickness of fashion sense and fabulousness.

Which probably explains why, much like Barry, even the regular folk have suddenly taken a liking to those shiny happy people who were put on this planet solely for the constant amusement, and of course judgment, by their fellow citizens of humanity. And it only took 17 years!

In fact, a whopping 70% of Americans now say they support “gay men and lesbians” serving in the military, while just 59% feel the same way about the miserable “homosexuals.”

Which can likely only be explained by people seeing the words lesbians and thinking “Whoa, hot girl on girl action?? Sweet, sign me up!”

Naturally, homosexuals fare worse than gays and lesbians in any scenario, but it’s also the whole “openly” idea that makes people nervous. In the case of to closet or not to closet, just 44% favor allowing “homosexuals” to leave the dank, damp storage room that is their lives to serve openly in the military, while 58% favor allowing “gay men and lesbians” to loudly and proudly sacrifice their lives for country.

The last thing we need are a bunch of Ellens and Eltons bursting out of Army closets across the land, wearing their gay and lesbianess on their sleeves for all the world to see. What are we European or something? Ugh.

Why can’t they just be ashamed of their sexuality like a normal person and go to any and all lengths to keep their dirty little secret to themselves?

What we need are more heterosexual heroes who aren’t afraid to call out homosinuality as a pox on Earth, a blight upon humanity, an act as depraved and immoral as Judas himself.

Decent, god-fearing people like Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Charlie Crist, and Ted Haggard, who at least have the common courtesy to pretend they’re straight, when not secretly cruising airport men’s rooms, the ripe, supple Senate page program, highway rest stops, abandoned church parking lots, rat-infested warehouses, dark, garbage-strewn alleys, drug-fueled street corners, and the seedy prostitution ring behind the old, deserted Christian community center and bible studies class.

It’s called tact.

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