Bill Clinton Headlines Obamapalooza’s Florida Show

Barack And Bubba: Together Again!

The Obama Variety Show took its terrorist-hope act on the road last night for an encore performance in Florida featuring that other “black” superstar of the Democratic Party, Bill Clinton.

But there was something decidedly different about this joint Obama-Clinton appearance. There were no awkwardly forced smiles masking a deep resentment, no thick tension permeating the air, threatening to derail the hopes of the entire Party.

Bill’s face even managed to maintain its normal ruddy hue, instead of morphing into that strange Violet Beauregarde shade of seething fuschia rage that happens whenever he feels power slipping from his grasp.

On this historic night in Orlando, William Jefferson Clinton took to the stage and actually endorsed Barack Obama, with dare I even say it, enthusiasm (gasp)!

It wasn’t easy getting Bubba to play nice and accept the fact that this lanky dude with the weird Muslim-y name indeed is the Party’s Great non-White Hope.

But Mr. Slick Obama knew exactly how to get Clinton feeling all warm and fuzzy and loved enough to come out and verbalize his support for the “fairy tale” that is the Democratic presidential nominee.

A few obligatory kind words about how much he learned from Bill’s hell-raiser of a wife, peppered with some ego-stroking adjectives for the man himself, like “great president,” “statesman,” and “beloved around the world,” was enough to make Bubba putty in Obama’s hands.

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