Black Friday And The "Great Thanksgiving Wars" Of America

Ah yes, the glorious state of our nation.

While India burned from deadly terrorists attacks that killed nearly 200 people over the weekend, the lovely citizens of America gave humble thanks for their blessings with the traditional gorging of poultry (and various weirdly paired marshmallow and potato side-dishes) with friends and family on the one day Americans pretend to be civilized family people who eat homemade food on cloth-covered tables.

The day after Thanksgiving — Black Friday — is when consumer-crazed Americans return to their real selves and bargain-hunting mobs stampede workers and shoot each other over the best sale prices of the season.

Yes, while Mumbai buries its dead and people around the world are slaughtered over race, religion, politics, and other “trivial” reasons, the enlightened citizens of America have the Great Thanksgiving Wars, where we kill each other over important things like can’t-be-missed prices on Guitar Hero, flat screen TVs and iPods.

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