Blowin' Hot Air: Georgia Rep. Paul Broun Warns Of Scary Energy Bill Killing Overheated, Old Southerners

Esteemed congressman and beloved right wing caricature of an actual thinking human being, Georgia Peach, Rep. Paul Broun is no stranger to making mindblowingly dumb, racist comments whenever he gets the chance to spout his big fat trap on some subject he knows nothing about (all?).

When opportunity knocks, you better answer it people!

For good ol’ Paul, this latest “opportunity” to act like a deranged moron occurred on the congressional floor (where else?) while discussing important legislation that America desperately needs, but only he understands will lead to the death of millions of innocent old white people, namely in those parts of the country where they don’t take very kindly to big, bad (black) governments tellin’ whitey what to do.

Waves of death!

So say “bye bye” to Granny and Gramps, because whoever NObama’s death panels missed will not escape the constant carnage filling the streets with elderly blood if the Democrats’ terrible energy bill to reduce our dependence on foreign oil passes.

We’re talkin’ senior citizens croakin’ left and right, fillin’ the streets of Atlanta and Tallahassee with their ol’ bones, if the Democrats’ get their way and pass some energy bill forcing wrinkled retirees across the South to spontaneously combust or pay a few extra dollars to turn up their thermostat.

Being a doctor and all, Rep. Paul Broun knows a few things the average Joe or Jane simply cannot: like how health care reform will murder Bubbies and Zadies, and lead to roving gangs of DEMONcratic death panels scouring the countryside for shovel-ready old people to bury six feet under, and be done with the liver-spotted nuisances once and for all. Welcome to the new war of Yankee Aggression, mah friends!

BROUN: A lot of old people in Georgia and Florida and all out throughout the southeast and the southwest are dependent on air conditioning just to live.  And if their electricity bills go sky high, as the energy tax is gonna make it happen, if that ever passes there are a lot of people that can’t afford to run their air conditioning any more and a lot of people are gonna have a hard time with hyperthermia is what I call it — what we call it in medicine as a medical doctor — which means that their body temperature’s gonna go up, they’re gonna have dehydration, and people are gonna have a lot of problems.  And it’s gonna have a greater impact on our health care system and people are gonna die because of that.  But it’s gonna kill jobs too.

Ya, hear that, America?? Jobs murdered, grandparents murdered, basically constant death everywhere once the evil “clean energy” bill goes through congress, and Paul Broun’s doomsday vision of Dem-crafted legislation killing old people in hot states comes to fruition. Like a sweet Georgia peach?

Take it from Dr. Broun—too proud to spell Brown the “normal” way, but ain’t too proud to spout rambling, incoherent nonsense, the particulars of which involve sweet, wrinkled centenarians (think millions of McCains) croaking en masse across the American South because they might, just might have to turn up their thermostats a few degrees in the summer, to save some money, assuming they choose not to stop buying wool socks, cataract sunglasses, and bottles of delicious prune juice in order to, eh, I don’t know, maybe save their lives?

Because, unlike those hoity-toity Democrats, Broun doesn’t believe in the elitist hoax known as climate change, and as such, is the ideal candidate to give advice on urgent environment legislation to save Mother Earth from nosy, overbearing Democrats who refuse to replace her vast seas of oceanic life with vast seas of greasy death.

The lamebrains! Why do they hate America so much? Or better yet, why do they hate beautiful capitalism so much?

Good thing there’s a Republican hero like Paul Broun to prevent all this Democratic death by legislation, what with the coming apocalypse where Southern geezers are killed from keeping their air conditioning at a balmy 72.

Wonder how the Northern Aggressors defeated the noble Confederacy back in 1865 before they had access to the mass (elderly) murderer known as air conditioning?

Perhaps they just suffocated them with cotton, provided (free of charge) by the nice, colored people in chains, tirelessly workin’ the fields to prevent Union turncoats hellbent on manually blowing stale, non-automatic air and freedom all over the Alzheimer’s-ravaged minds of slave-holding plantation owners and toothless Southern gents in Real America.

Or maybe Rep. Paul Broun and the rest of the non-brown Grand Old Party of ancient fossils and crumbling prehistoric relics should get used to the heat. After all, the last Ice Age ended 20,000 years ago.

Still no scientific explanation for Sarah Palin, though!

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