Breaking News: McCain Supporter’s Tale Of Political Hate Crime Faker Than Cindy McCain’s Face

Surprise, surprise! Turns out that McCain campaign volunteer Ashley Todd’s shocking tale of a politically-charged beat-down by a 6-foot-4 black man (gasp!) for displaying a McCain bumper sticker is as real as Johnny Mac’s dentures.

To be honest, this whole thing had sketchy written all over it from the beginning.

Oh yeah lady I’m sure those crazy political thugs from the Obama campaign decided to kidnap, rob, and beat you just so they could complete their grand master plan of branding your cheek with a big B.

But not just any “B”– a lightly, perfectly etched backwards B, almost as if it was done using a mirror.

Hmmm, sounds totally reasonable to me.

I don’t know how those sleuths over in the Pittsburgh police department ever cracked such an airtight case of political assault.

I guess sometimes you just gotta tip your hat to a job well done!

Ashley Todd, Victim Turned Whack Job

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