Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Except If You're Republican & Your Boyfriend Is A Cardboard Cutout Of Barack Obama

It is no secret that Republicans loooove to carry on fake conversations with inanimate objects pretending to be their #1 enemy Barack Hussein Obama. For one thing, they never talk back or flash a charming smile or even so much as a single cogent thought from their non-existent heads. Just the way Republicans like it.

If you think the Republican party is stuck in some sort of bizarre anti-science, anti-progress, anti-intellectual quagmire, think again.

Because just like the Jeffersons (if they were white), the GOP is movin’ on up!

Goodbye empty stool, hellooooo cardboard cutout!

Via TPM:

Republicans debuted a new ad Thursday in which an allegedly frustrated former Obama supporter expresses her disappointment with the president. The only problem: The woman in the video is actually longtime Republican and current RNC Director of Hispanic Outreach/Kim Kardashian doppelgänger, Bettina Inclan.

“Listen, this just isn’t working. It’s been four years. You’ve changed. Your spending is out of control. You’re constantly on the golf course. And your always out with Hollywood celebrities, You think I didn’t see you with Sarah Jessica Parker and George Clooney? Your jobs council says you haven’t even showed up in six months. You’re just not the person I thought you were. It’s not me, it’s you. I think we should just be friends.”

The ad asks people to share why they’re “breaking up” with Obama.

The RNC says its ad, which first appeared on television Thursday is **”not dishonest.”**

**By GOP standards.**

“It’s a lighthearted ad to show how millions of Americans feel about President Obama — he’s not the person we thought he was and it’s time to break up with him,” an RNC official told TPM. “But let’s be clear, it is an ad.”

Duh! Let’s be clear, Latinos aren’t allowed to be Republicans.

She’s probably just a piñata, except instead of candy, she spills medicare vouchers.

Besides, no one ever complains about that weird mannequin from Men’s Wearhouse the Republicans are always parading around.

Think they call him Mitt.

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