California Supreme Court Says Knot So Fast To Same-Sex Marriage

America’s favorite colorful community of sin once again attempted to destroy the moral fabric of society by becoming equal citizens under the law. The nerve!

The pesky homosexuals, who continue to
believe the Constitution applies to them, argued before the California Supreme Court on Thursday to overturn Prop 8, the Mormon church funded, voter-approved gay marriage ban that narrowly passed in November.

But much to the dismay of gays and lesbians across the state, the same California Supreme Court who ruled 4-3 to legalize same-sex marriage now expressed skepticism at the idea of overriding the will of the 52 percent of Prop 8-supporters who believe Armageddon will come in the form of Ellen and Portia tying the knot.

Like lead prosecutor and former Bill Clinton tormentor Kenneth Starr who is now representing supporters of Prop 8 because he knows all about the dangers of activist judges legislating from the bench to push their liberal, homosexual agenda unwittingly on the people.

Kind of like the dangers of Democratic presidents who threaten to upend society with their loose morals and sexual infidelities made public by crusading Independent Counsel lawyers hell-bent on eradicating blow-jobs from the Oval Office.

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