Can You Guess The Ingenious Mind Behind The Internet's Best Kept Secret, "Lou Sarah"?

It is no secret Sarah Louise Palin rules the Internets and all things related to it, including ghostwritten 140-character Tweets of indecipherable gibberish no one understands, except Twits, Twats, ‘n Tweens, like say, the original runner up vice-presidential loser/half-term governor and her brood of fellow fame grubbing, ridiculously-named grifters.

So it should come as no surprise that for the world’s #1 favoritest Patron Saint of Social Networking, a single Facebook page is simply not enough.


No, no, another Facebook page must be secretly created using Sarah Palin’s personal Gmail address, so that the fake Sarah Palin can praise the other, real Sarah Palin whenever she says something really awesome and inspiring about Jesus, abstinence, or her favoritest Fox News.

But in order to be really clever so the dumb lamestream media doesn’t find out, Sarah had to wrack her whole Wasilla brain to come up with something so smart, so unique, so mindlblowingly brilliant that no one would ever be the wiser.

And then suddenly, viola! Out pops a Facebook page for “Lou Sarah” (psst: her middle name is Louise, get it??) who is friends with a bunch of Wasilla folk and has an unhealthy obsession with Bristol Palin.

Coincidence? I think not.

This mysterious “Lou Sarah” page is really less a Facebook page and more a personal tribute to the real Sarah Palin, who she “likes” a lot, and has nothing but praise and encouragement for. “Lou Sarah” even says “Amen” to Facebook posts by Sarah Sarah, which is like the cyberworld’s version of a rousing, stadium-sized standing ovation from a frenzied, adoring crowd o’ flag wavin’, Socialist motor scooter-ridin’ patriots.

But what else does “Lou” do on her super secret, underground Facebook account that is easily accessible to anyone with a computer and enough fingers to type in Palin’s Gmail address into Facebook’s search box?

Well, for one thing, “Lou” thoroughly enjoys keeping in touch with all 12 of her mostly Wasilla-based friends, including Sarah Palin’s father Chuck Heath, brother Chuck Heath Jr., and some weirdo lady named Claire Barton who is also a proud member of Palin’s Wasilla Assembly of God church and whose primary interest is to “Restore Fear of YAHWEH/GOD and YESHUA/CHRIST as Ruler of our Countries.”

But seriously, whose isn’t, right?

“Lou Sarah” is usually busy using her stealth page to “like” herself, recommend links to her own poorly written, factually incorrect op-ed columns, generously offer a few “Amen” shout-outs on Sarah Palin’s public page, and become a fan of who else but Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas (Bristol Palin’s DWTS dancing partner, f**k buddy & probably-soon-to-be-baby daddy), and the Wasilla-based Edge Fitness, who Lou was kind enough to alert about an upcoming plug on the reality teevee sensation sweeping the globe, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, starring Lou Sarah.

But most of all, when not showering praise upon her own perfect self, “Lou” simply loves to encourage others, particularly ones she personally birthed, raised, and groomed to follow in Mama’s footsteps, and make moose piles of money makin’ bastard babies, humiliating herself dancing (poorly) in a gorilla costume on national teevee.

Dance for Mark Zuckerberg's invasive default privacy settings!

And we love you, “Lou,” on behalf of everyone who struggles with proper Facebook etiquette and overcomes the challenges of looking like a total douche, by deciding to like your own comment anyway!

It looks like The Wonder Woman of Wasilla has been way too busy moonlighting as “Lou” to heap praise on her daughter for remembering the Lord after getting booted off Dancing With The Stars and “like” herself, to actually read the liberal newspapers and other elitist publications warning about Facebook privacy settings.

Not that it matters because, either way, none of Palin’s multiple personalities are interesting.

But this one sure is fitting: Lou Sar… Lou Sar… Loser!

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