Rush Confuses Being The Size Of A Volcano With Being An Actual Expert On Said Volcanoes

Vile, hate-spewing king of blubber and blabber, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III, took to his favorite airwaves to seek some desperately needed attention, and also to remind the good (white) people of America that he is in fact, still living in this great land despite vowing to flee once Obama’s evil plan to help those poor […]

The Doctor Is In...Sane? Denial? Hysterics?

Lunatic witch doctor Jack Cassell of Mount Dora, Florida (that’s right, Dora) is so convinced it’s only a matter of time before President Obama’s apocalyptic health care reform will be used by our sadistic Democratic government to deny medical care to fellow, God-fearing Republicans, that he has decided to turn the tables (in his mind) […]

Sarah Palin Continues Her Dingbat Drifter Tour Across The Mainland

Fresh off helping Gramps McCain lose his second election in as many years, sweet Sarah Palin arrived in Bush’s old stomping ground, Midland, Texas, to speak to the good ol’ boys and gals on behalf of the Liberty and Freedom Foundation about the terrible reversal of fortune that has come to pass ever […]

Nazi Pelosi's Gavel, Coupled With Barry's Signature Means Granny And Trig Will Be Dead In A Week

OH NO!!! Health Care has passed and soon all of us will be dead and buried along with Grandmama and baby Trig and no one will be alive to remember this terrible day when freedom died, insurance companies were regulated, and every fifth Republican was forced by law to have an […]

Barackalypse Now: Teabaggers Lose Their Minds, While The Rest Of Us Get Health Care!

While our evil commander in chief rolls through DC with his tyrannical posse of limo-ridin’ hookers, hos, and enough health care votes to go around en route to his victory party tonight, the really BIG news was that a couple hundred anti-Semites, homophobes, Neo-Nazis, and straight up Jim Crow lovin’ […]

It Wouldn't Be A Health Care Debate Without A GOP Congressman Tossing Civil War Threats Around

Nevermind the millions of struggling Americans whose lives depend on the health care bill passing, the best part of this bill–and there are SO MANY good parts to choose from–is all the casual talk of violence and chaos that will be incited by confused, not-so-bright teabaggers all all across the mighty U.S. of A.

Surely, such […]

Holy Duo Glenn Beck & Steve King Know Health Care Vote On Sacred Sunday Means A Beautiful Angel Will Die

Rep. Steve King Doin’ God’s Work Per Usual

With the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) dropping the ATOMIC BOMB that the DEMONcrats’ evil health care reform bill will reduce the deficit by $130 billion over the next ten years ($1.2 trillion over 20 years), and extend coverage to 32 million currently uninsured Americans, the dominoes […]

Teabaggers Know Obama 'Bin' Pretendin' To Be American 'Agin'!

You may think Teabaggers are nothing more than ignorant, gun-crazed Grand KKK Wizards with nothing better to do than intimidate old people at peaceful health care town hall debates, and pretend to go into cardiac arrest outside of Senate offices because they love freedom but hate black presidents who try to give them more health […]

The Dirty Dozen: Bart Stupak’s Life-Loving Dreams Murdered By Life-Hating Democrats

Democratic hell Representative and fearless defender of unborn fetuses in fertile wombs across America, Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) is suddenly feeling even smaller than the li’l bundles of prenatal joy he tries his very hardest to protect.

After playing a starring role in aborting the Democrats’ health care bill over federal funding of the societal cancer […]

Salty, Straight Rep. Eric Massa Doesn’t Enjoy Steamy Showers With "Satan’s Spawn" Rahm Emanuel

Salty sailor and socialist sex monster Rep. Eric Massa is finally setting the record straight (ha ha, straight) on his whole real cancer/gay cancer resignation scandal that sent shock waves across the world Page Six of the New York Post.

Turns out, New York’s own Eric Massa is a totally normal, red-blooded, fiercely heterosexual American man […]