Comrade Barry’s Havana Affair

Viva La Revolucion!

Comrade Barry moved America a step closer to apocalyptic doom on Monday, announcing his decision to ease travel and money restrictions for Cuban-Americans hoping to reach out to family members and loved ones still stuck on the evil communist plantation island.

The Obama administration’s dangerous, new Havana love affair permits U.S. telecommunications networks to link the U.S. and Cuba, and expands the number of humanitarian items that can be sent to the island (such as clothes, personal hygiene items, and other personal necessities like seeds and fishing gear). Sending money to Fidel, Raul and other high-ranking commie Castros, however, will remain prohibited under Obama’s new policy

According to one senior White House official, President Obama’s latest gutting of precious Bush administration policies to make America safe will allow both unlimited visits to family members in Cuba as well as unlimited remittances (cash immigrants send back home), because “as hard as we search, we can’t find anyone who thinks the limitations Bush put on family travel and family remittances in 2004 were a good idea.”

Um, since when was “good idea” a precondition for policy-making in this country? Oh right, Jan. 20th. Oops, my bad!

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