DC Bids Farewell To One Of Its Most Eligible Bachelors, Justice David Souter!

Sound the alarms, America! Justice David Souter is retiring. Yes, one of the many Supreme Court Justices you’ve never heard of has decided to call it quits at the spry, young age of 69, which is really like tween in justice years.

So, if Souter isn’t leaving cause he’s too old or too sick or just can’t stand the idea of looking at Scalia’s ugly mug for one more second, why on God’s green earth is our dear Justice departing?

Turns out, the man hates our fair capital city and even though he’s thankful for the twenty years he’s spent having “the world’s best job in the world’s worst city,” it is time to for Mr. Souter to reunite with his first love, the state of New Hampshire.

It’s where all hip, liberal former Supreme Court justices go to live out the rest of their wild “most eligible bachelor” days in robeless peace and obscurity. You never know, he may even switch from fountain pen to ball point. After all, you only live once!

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