Dead Man Walking: Scott Walker Survives Election Recall, Sadly The State Of Wisconsin Probably Won't

Do you feel the excitement America? If you have a cheese wheel on your head and a cheese curd in your hand, you do! It’s game time, Wisconsin!

Only a few more hours until bcherished Kochsucking Wisconsin crusher of hopes, dreams, and collective bargaining agreements Gov. Scott Walker is sent packing like the workers unions and progressive policies he destroyed. Or maybe Wisconsin once again decides that a greedy, corporate shill who hates poor people (And women! And kids! And the elderly!) almost as much as your dumb kid’s teacher, is the bestest, most wonderful thing to hit Wisconsin since the jalapeño popper.

And as good for it too!

But what does El Presidente think about this Midwestern showdown?

Well not standing by exactly but hey typing out 17 generic, probably ghostwritten words (not including -bo) is good enough.

Of course, it’s still not the total GAME-CHANGER tweeted by professional twat Scott K. Walker, who understands what’s really important about this momentous day: the eight-year anniversary of Lord Ronnie Reagan’s ascent into heaven, where he will promptly claim his new role as Jesus’ stunt double.

As if the Gipper’s spirit wasn’t reason enough to re-elect someone as reliable and consistently sociopathic as Scott Walker, then perhaps this Wisconsin voter’s sign can help clarify today’s oh so difficult choice:

Ah yes all absoulutely 100% without a doubt true, and yet he still got the color-coding wrong.

Not that it matters though. This is Walker’s Wisconsin, people! You can’t go wrong when you go right.

[image via Wonkette]

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