Democrats Grow Some Balls; Go On Offensive Against Republican Attacks

“Oh No, He Didn’t!”

Awwww snap!! After many “holier-than-thou” months of taking the high road and refusing to engage in personal attacks, Obama finally put the smack-down on McCain-Palin during a town hall meeting in Virginia on Tuesday.

Republicans, naturally, were outraged by Obama’s vicious remarks and demanded an immediate apology from the inexperienced, woman-hating, Muslim version of Paris Hilton.

I mean who the hell do those Democrats think they are anyway, Republicans or something?

At least when Republicans attack an opponent, they have the decency to base it on nothing but lies, smears, and a complete distortion of reality.

Leave it to the Dems to criticize a rival using straight-forward facts and the very same sexist, offensive words a certain Republican presidential candidate used just months earlier to blast that other female candidate everyone used to talk about…Wait, what was her name again?

What About Me? I Can Say “Lipstick On A Pig” Too!

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