Don’t Worry Planet, Mr. Adorable To The Rescue!

The President At His Finest

After a very long day of flubbed inauguration oaths, never-ending parades, and boring balls where he and Michelle were forced to perform endless slow dances for the adoring crowds, Barack Obama finally got to take a load off.

Yes, even when undoing his tie, exhausted and drained, America’s new president still manages to be the most adorable man we’ve ever elected into office.

He’s even cuter when he spends each day of his first week in office gutting another one of Bush’s god-awful policies to destroy America.

Today, Obama will single-handedly save the environment, before moving on to fix the economy, end the war, and bring peace to all of humanity, likely by the end of the week.

So congratulations Mr. President!

But really you can stop now. Seriously, dude, you had us at hello.

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