Dumb And Dumber: The E! True Hollywood Story Of Sarah Palin

A new behind-the-scenes look inside the feuding McCain-Palin camps is more shocking than an E! True Hollywood Story on “Rock’s Biggest Bad Boys.”

Reports have long swirled about the tenuous, strained relationship between Old Johnny and his floozy of a running mate Sarah Palin. But with the election over, the floodgates have opened and the avalanche of wacky Palin tales are starting to pour out.

Ooooh, this is gonna be good!

We all knew Palin wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. But, to be fair, we didn’t think she was borderline Forrest Gump either. Turns out the woman who would’ve been a heartbeat away from the presidency missed a few lessons in elementary school.

Like the lesson about how Africa is a CONTINENT, not a COUNTRY.

Wait, you mean South Africa is it’s own country, and not just the southern tip of that great huge landmass of a country called Africa?

Wow. Who knew?! Apparently, not Miss Palin.

Of course, despite her extensive foreign policy experience, most notably in relation to Russia, Palin still had a few blaring gaps in her knowledge.

Like knowing which countries are part of NAFTA: the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Palin’s guess of Texas (sort of like a country), Xanadu, and the Land of Oz, was just a bit off.

But it doesn’t end there. Not even close. Aside from being an intellectual trainwreck who didn’t possess the “degree of knowledgeability” necessary for a Vice-President, Miss Palin was also apparently a nightmare for campaign staff.

Tantrums, fits of rage, refusing to prep for interviews then blaming her embarrassing performance on staffers, prank calls from French President Nicolas Sarkozy impersonators, public gaffes, excessive unauthorized shopping sprees, erratic behavior, going rogue, increasing belligerence towards McCain’s campaign, all part of the Sunshine Rainbow Tour known as Sarah Palin’s VP campaign.

I don’t understand how Republicans could possibly be nervous that the future of the party rests in the hands of a hot-tempered, trigger-happy airhead from the North Pole who is on a task from God to one day become President of the “Lower 48.”

Or as us fake Americans call it, the United States.

Props To Princess Sparkle Pony For The Delightful Photo

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