Eureka! The Great Gay Invasion Into America’s Heartland

Don’t Let This Happen To Your Town!

Unless you figure out a way to stop the dreaded rainbow mafia from coming out of the closet to infiltrate cities across America, your town may suffer the same terrible fate as Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where crazy gay activists have turned this l
ovely, Christian community into a haven for homosinuality.

Luckily, the moral patrol wingnuts over at the American Family Association have taken it upon themselves to stop this well-organized homosexual cabal dead in their tracks.

Their delightful, informative DVD “They’re Coming To Your Town” not only exposes the dangers of the great gay invasion into America’s heartland, but also comes in a convenient “five-pack!” so you can spread the word at school, church, bible study class, or wherever else the moral fiber is being threatened.

So, hurry! Only you can stop the horror of clean, well-dressed gay people moving to your rural community.

Because we all know no real American should be subject to good restaurants, independent bookstores, landscape design or rising property values.

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