Even That Crazy Blonde Chick From The View Agrees!

All The Gals Agree: Keith Olbermann Is A Douchebag

Hey kids, you can be like Keith Olbermann, too! It’s easier than you think.

All you need to do is spout your political opinions to anyone who will listen and then NOT vote. You know, for symbolic reasons.

See, it makes perfect sense. You spend your whole life sitting in front of a camera wailing about how politicians are ruining America and how the public should wise up about what’s going on in that cesspool of corruption called Washington, DC.

Don’t even get this liberal hero started on that George W. Bush character or the rest of the crooks in his administration, either.

But when it comes to exercising the one right every citizen has to change things–by actually voting–the opinionated host of MSNBC’s Countdown is far less outspoken.

Turns out that Mr. Olbermann follows his own unique brand of logic and advice, and in Olby’s twisted world, words speak louder than actions.

So listen up as he rants and raves about how the right-wing has hijacked the government and how it is so important to buck the trend and get government back on the side of the people.

And then make sure you do absolutely nothing about it. You know, Keith Olbermann style.

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