Faux Teabaggers: All The Flavor, None Of The Jittery Rage

Wow, imagine the fun it would be if a bunch of arugula eating liberals and other ivy league educated types used their elitist brains to infiltrate a Tea Party and capture the true essence of the ‘bagger (fat ‘n pale?) in all its misspelled messages of hate (white or bust!), fear (taxes ‘n queers), anger (i luv gunz!), patriotism (darkies go home), and wistful nostalgia for the good old days of antebellum and Jim Crow enforcin’ glory!

Well, thanks to the courageous men and women who braved AK-47 brandishing Benjamin Franklins (err make that Benjamine Franklin) and locked ‘n loaded human bags o’ Lipton, to bring us elitists livin’ in “Fake” America (aka the lower 48), the funniest faux teabagger signs this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

So, the big question now becomes how do you spot the difference between a real teabagger and a fake teabagger? That’s easy, if it’s spelled right and makes sense, with all the full-bodied herbal flavor, but none of the “crazy” caffeine additives, then it’s even better than the real thing: it’s not!

Besides, whoever said crazy people should have all the fun??

Hmmm…so that’s why Glenn Beck’s always sobbing uncontrollably like a madman who forgot his medication. It finally all makes perfect sense!

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