Fear Not America, Congress To The Rescue!

“It Wasn’t Me!”

Oh god. Things are so bad, we’re not even sure who to blame for this whole AIG bonus bulls**t anymore.

There’s the jerk-off executives whose anti-Midas touch makes anything they go near turn to s**t, no matter how many billions you keep pumping into them.

Then there’s Sen. Chris Dodd whose brief amensia lifted just in time for him to remember he is in fact the douchebag responsible for that little executive bonus loophole in the stimulus. But it’s really not his fault. The tough-guy Treasury officials made him do it or else Timothy Geithner was gonna smash his legs in!

Not to fear though. Congress just passed a new bill to tax those AIG bastards at 90 percent. Which should show those greedy executives who’s boss!

Did you really think you could screw Congress, steal billions and get away with it, scot-free? Please, who do you think you are, the Bush administration or something?

AIG CEO Edward Liddy Or Dick Cheney?

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