Feeling The Heat: G-8 Leaders Agree To Slow Down Assault On Mother Earth

OMG! The United States and the other seven richest economies responsible for turning the world into a CO2-filled, polar bear-less wasteland have finally agreed to stop their lucrative global assault on Mother Earth. Sort of.

For the first time ever, leaders from the Group of Eight industrialized countries agreed to the goal? of keeping the world’s average temperature from rising more than 2C (3.6F). Yeah!!

However, any hopes for an international agreement to slash Earth-murdering greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050 were scrapped by China and India’s refusal to help the atmosphere by hurting their own precious, growing economies.

Despite the mixed results, the latest deal–made possible by America’s change in stance since electing someone with a brain to be president instead of a guy it’d be fun to have a beer with–was hailed by leaders as a historic moment in the global fight to save the planet from certain man-made doom!

Just ask British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. He’s as excited as an English dude gets!

“Today in Italy we have laid the foundations for a Copenhagen deal that is ambitious, fair and effective. The change from where we were two, three, four years ago is significant. The world has now agreed that the scientific evidence on climate change is compelling.”

In other words, homosexuality, abortion, and Jews are officially off the hook…for now.

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