Following Abortion Ban, Sales Of Hangers Surge In North Dakota

Why Should South Dakota Have All The Fun?

North Dakota, the shining star of progress and enlightenment in America, just passed a law effectively banning abortion in the state.

In a 51-41 vote on Wednesday, North Dakota’s House of Representatives passed a bill that gives a fertilized egg all the same rights as a person, meaning a fetus could not be legally aborted without committing murder.

Which is good because murder is a sin. And the people of North Dakota hate sin. All 600,000 of them. But wanna know what they do love? Churches.

And forfeiting their reproductive rights over to ovary-less elected representatives who think babies come from the big miracle farm in the sky. Not drunken teenage regrets behind the neighbor’s barn.

Hi, I’m Rep. Dan Ruby And Your Eggs Are Mine!

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