Fox News Sued For Being Terrible, Racist Propaganda Peddlers, aka Fox News

Fox News is a place where angry white men, unstable, born again recovering alcoholic/drug addicts turned gold hawking Mormon Messiahs, and washed up, bitter, fake blonde ex-Hooters waitresses go to make a quick buck blurting out whatever terrible, racist stuff about blacks, Arabs, Muslims, Mexicans, gays, women, Jews, gross poor people, that demon child NObama, elitist liberals, and anyone who isn’t white, rich, and dumb as Doocy, as obnoxious and often as the constant 24-hour news cycle allows.

Which, as it turns out, is a lot! Because America’s favoritest Fox News isn’t just a place where people get paid ‘n promoted for spewing hateful lies about minority misfits like dumb women who don’t even dabble in witchcraft or spend their days convincing people not to touch the sinful place between their legs, or arugula-eating elitists whose brains function above special needs level.

It’s also where a moderate black man with a Hispanic name can go to get fired from his day job as an actual reporter at a respectable news outlet for saying awful, bigoted stuff about Muslims, or say, the one black employee can get constantly harassed and discriminated against ’round the clock before suing the bejesus out of the company for everyone being racist assholes all around him, all the time.

Ooooh, sounds Foxy!

Harmeen Jones, a 32-year old Fox News technician (and token “black man”) says he was fired from the network last year after complaining to Human Resources about the daily barrage of offensive remarks about anyone not perfectly snow white and Christian he endured while working at the most fair and balanced network in all the world, Fox News.

He’s suing for $3 million, and claims he was even physically threatened by one employee, Damien Rodriguez, who got in his face and said, “I’m the reason you got hired, and if it wasn’t for me you’d be fired. You must think I’m a punk, we can take this to the streets.”

Hmmm, is this because all black people are strong, scrappy types who settle their disputes the manly stud way, with two fists in the middle of a crowded intersection? Who knows? Could be, if Papa Bear says it is God damn it!

Here’s a sample of some of the Fox News fun Jones had the distinct privilege of experiencing!

  • While watching footage from a Tea Party rally, one colleague allegedly opined, “This is what happens when you mess with white people’s health care.”
  • During the 2008 presidential campaign, Jones says two of his coworkers said they wouldn’t feel comfortable having a black president. At that point one of men turned to him and allegedly asked, “Am I offending your blackness?”
  • Jones also claims that on another occasion he was told, “You look like a gangster” and “You look like you’re ready to shoot someone.”

Jones also says his co-workers pretended not to hear him when he made transmission requests, and that his superiors denied his requests for paid training, while giving other, less senior white employees paid training. And when he finally complained to Human Resources, his co-workers called him a “snitch” and he was promptly called by Steve Cary, the Director of Operations, who allegedly told him, “We gave you a chance and you repay us by making complaints to HR? You are terminated.”

Hasta la vista, blacky!

Because over at Fox News, the only color that matters is $weet green, so long as you’re not some uppity negro crying racism every time some white network exec discriminates against you because of said blackness. Buck up Junior! This isn’t MSNBC.

You wanna play with the big boys you better start acting like one! That means brush up on your hatred, practice reciting the 101 reasons why everyone should be terrified of evil Muslims (that every Fox News employee receives in their welcome packet!), and for Christ’s sake, figure out a way to cover up that hideous chocolatey skin color of yours before you make everyone uncomfortable with such obvious, in-your-face blackness. It’s just downright rude!

I mean seriously, who does Fox News have to screw (over?) to find a nice colored fellow with the decency to at least act like a white man, or enough dignity to let everyone else feel comfortable in their own white supremacist skin, when going about their daily task scaring the bejesus out of America, as the most popular #1 news program and Jesus-blessed, race-baiting, terrorist organization ever to grace the face of God’s once pure, once all-white, now worthless, minority-muddled brown Earth.

Cause who needs facts when you’ve got fear?

Faux News: All The News That’s Fit To (Mis)print!

2 comments to Fox News Sued For Being Terrible, Racist Propaganda Peddlers, aka Fox News

  • Smack Dab says:

    So, is Fox, as associated as a “news group” actually being sued or what? If so, I am very much in favor of a class action lawsuit for feeding the general public the propaganda and lies that create more hatred in this nation and sell it as “fair and balanced news.”

  • Meda Dubois says:

    Hey I just stumbled upon your site right from bing and I really needed to mention that this was a great article this was! However, I am attempting add your current RSS feed but I am just experiencing difficulty finding it.

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