GET MOTIVATED! With Special Guest Speaker & Two-Time Presidential Failure George W. Bush

Out of work? Down on your luck? Feeling uninspired, tired, or lazy? Frustrated with your lack of opportunity? Sick and tired of all your friends passing you by on their way to better jobs, higher salaries, and a more exciting, fulfilled life??

Then get pumped America! It’s time for the world famous GET MOTIVATED Seminar featuring none other than special guest speaker George W. Bush! Wooohoooo!!

Former president Bush has traded in his old chums Condi, Cheney, and Rummy and his quiet life of shameful self-imposed exile for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be part of something truly amazing: to hang with the big boys of business and personal betterment. The presidency was just a warm-up, ladies and germs!

Of course, between his MBA and stellar handling of the economy, Bush may be “America’s #1 Expert on Business Success,” but he is just one of many stars ready to make your wildest dreams of endless money and unchecked power come true.

The GET MOTIVATED Seminar is world famous for its energizing, action-packed, star-studded, fun-filled, spectacular stage show. CNN, 60 Minutes, USA Today, TIME, PEOPLE, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal all rave about it! This motivational mega-show packs more inspirational firepower than a stick of dynamite!

You hear that people? DYNO-MITE!! (Not to mention all the exclamation points you can handle!!!!)

For more than 25 years, corporate leaders, Fortune 500 companies, educators, business owners, salespeople, medical professionals and more have made Peter and Tamara Lowe’s GET MOTIVATED! America’s #1 Business Seminar.

That’s right folks! Not only do you get George W. Bush in all his inspirational glory, but for the bargain basement rate of $19 (not per person but per office!), you too can have the extraordinary opportunity to hear the words of wisdom from such success stories as:

  • Terry Bradshaw–“legendary NFL Hall of Fame quarterback” and master of turning “work-place stress into Gridiron success.”
  • Zig Ziglar–“America’s #1 motivator” and living warning against drunkenly naming your kids after a wild toga party with the office gang.
  • Rudy Giuliani–“America’s mayor” and expert at taking advantage of all things 9/11.
  • Colin Powell–“legendary soldier-statesman,” Bush traitor, and resident expert on using misleading intelligence information as a precursor to war.
  • Robert Schuller–eternal optimist, positivity guru, and “America’s best inspirational speaker.”
  • Rick Belluzzo–“legendary president of Microsoft” and the genius behind such technological gems as Vista, ZUNE, and MS-DOS.
  • And of course, the sassy sales wizard who started it all, GET MOTIVATED! author, Tamara Lowe!

So what are you waiting for? For a mere $19, you too can take advantage of this special offer to hear George W. Bush explain to you and a few thousand desperate other people how to get back on your feet and embark upon your own personal success journey! Act quick, because this one-of-a-kind chance to have the worst president in history telling scores of lost souls how they too can be spectacular failures just like him, won’t last long!

**Disclaimer:** Not responsible for weakened countries, failed policies, civil unrest, drowned Bayou cities, bankrupted economies, mass war casualties, stock market meltdowns, environmental Armageddon, constitutional trampling, and extreme loss of confidence in the competence of former two-term presidents who can’t pronounce nuclear but sure can throw one hell of a ceremonial first pitch strike. Mission Accomplished!

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