Going, Going, Gupta!

Dr. No?

Hunky TV doctor
Sanjay Gupta is forgoing a chance to join Barack Obama’s administration as the new U.S. Surgeon General because working at CNN sure as hell beats some ceremonial doctor post whose most famous occupant is now relegated to doing Life Alert commercials.

Gupta’s decision to stay on as CNN’s medical correspondent is obviously so he can “devote time to his reporting and medical career” and not because his so-called lack of experience or training in public health has had the Republican vultures in Congress frothing at the mouth for weeks fantasizing about all the ways they would wipe the smile off of Sanjay’s sweet pretty-boy face.

But where or where will Obama ever find a brilliant medical doctor with enough experience, knowledge, and the kind of impeccable character to please even the most discerning Republican lawmaker?

Paging Dr. Phil

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