GOP’s Insane Billboards Of Hate Coming To A Highway Near You!

Remember that crazy Cartoon Network fundraising PowerPoint the Republicans used to patronize prospective donors while begging for their loose change as part of the brilliant GOP strategy of simultaneously insulting and scaring the shit out of the American people?

Of course you don’t, since apparently no Republicans remember it either, preferring instead to pretend the hideous monster they created then magically forgot two days later was simply a figure of everyone else’s imagination. Certainly nothing any self-respecting Grand Old Party member would ever concoct. Not this GOP, no sir-ee!

Buuuuut, let’s say the Republican National Committee did in fact create this embarrassingly demented, stunningly cynical and stupid PowerPoint presentation in order to capitalize on the growing Obama Derangement Syndrome currently rearing its ugly head on protest posters, anonymous email-chains, highway billboards and anywhere wingnuts, nutjobs and assorted other nuts of the right are found. Is that really soooooo bad?

Clearly, cries of Socialism and Soviet hammer and sickles, crazy Birther plots, the president-as-a-secret-Muslim-terrorist-from-Kenya conspiracies, and calls for armed revolution against a democratically elected U.S. government, all in the name of freedom, is evidence of mounting populist frustration, not a bunch of rogue rednecks, racists, and rejects, stoked for partisan gain by RNC Finance Director Rob Bickhart in his artfully brilliant nod to Joseph Goebbels, aka the RNC’s “Evil Empire, Obama-as-Joker” playbook.

But, even before the RNC’s fear-based, intelligence-insulting PowerPoint propaganda became a public source of humiliation, its impact was already all around us–crazed teabaggers storming Senate offices to spontaneously die in protest of health care reform, wingnut secessionist rallies, and Jesus Freaks, gun nuts, and crazy Oath Keepers all coming out of the woodwork, waving Obama Nazi signs to protest the worst Socialist threat since Adolf Hitler tried to get affordable health reform for Jews back in 1944.

And now, thanks to the Grand Old Propaganda of the Grand Old Party to poison the president and scare the people, Obama Derangement Syndrome is being field-tested across roadside America, with racism, ignorance, and sheer wingnuttery dotting heartland highways stretching far and wide through these great United States.

So the next time you’re cruising along Route 66 and see a scary black man with a Hitler mustache and the words “NObama’s comin’ for yer gunz” next to an aborted fetus and two homos exchanging vows (gasp!), you’ll be happy to know there is at least one party who cares about good, old-fashioned American values like white robes, pointed hats, and putting charming Negros back where they belong: sweating in a vast field of cotton under the blazing Kenyan sun.

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