Gov. Palin Thrilled To Be Grandma; VP Not So Much

This is almost too easy. After months and months of bashing Obama on his so-called lack of experience, McCain and his crack-squad team of advisers decided to go ahead and nominate perhaps the single most unqualified vice-presidential nominee in history.

With just 20 months of experience under her belt as governor of Alaska (a state with less people than many major U.S. cities), VP candidate Sarah Palin is the epitome of a political virgin. Too bad the same can’t be said about her 17-year-old, pregnant daughter, Bristol. (But don’t worry, young Bristol is doing what any responsible, God-fearing teenage gal would do, and is keeping the baby!!)

Of course, like any good, abstinence-loving conservative, Gov. Palin was so thrilled her unwed teenage daughter decided to start a family, that she could barely contain her motherly pride and excitement. We just hope she’s not pissed when she finds out McCain lied and “Vice-President” is not really just another synonym for “Grandmother.”

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