Havin’ A Ball!

Happy Feet: The First Couple Kick Things Off

It’s been quite a day.

Barack Hussein Obama was officially sworn-in as president to complete the nation’s seamless transition from international disgrace to world pride.

His excellency even managed to keep it cool when brilliant Bush-appointed Chief Justice John Roberts tried to sabotage his big moment by flubbing the oath of office and throwing everyone off for a not-at-all awkward moment or two.

Followed by a couple hours of lunching, parade walking, hand waving, smiling, and as always, the media’s riveting play-by-play commentary. Plus, a complete fashion breakdown of 2009’s hottest inauguration styles…you won’t believe who showed up in what!

But now that Obama is king, I mean president, it’s time to let loose, throw back a few, and boogie the night away at one of the ten inaugural balls featuring Michelle and Barack’s signature slow-dance cameo.

Or if you didn’t happen to make it on the guest list, you can always watch it on tv like the rest of us losers not named Beyonce.

Waltzing In Style

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