Hey, Since When Are Men More Qualified To Be Secretaries Than Women?

So it appears the weirdly uncomfortable Obama-Clinton-Richardson trio from the primaries has once again reared its ugly head.

It all started when Gov. Richardson spit on Hillary (and Bill’s!) faces by endorsing that nightmarish fairy tale Barack Obama for President, even though the Clinton’s basically put his ass on the map by giving him that plum Secretary of Energy gig back in the good days when Bill and Hilly still ran the show.

And now the treacherous Gov. Richardson has decided to throw a wrench in Hillary’s plans once again, meeting with Obama over a possible Secretary of State position, the position she rightfully deserved. Bastard!

I mean can you believe the nerve of that man? Waltzing into Sec of State contention, like some oppressed minority trying to “make history” as the first Hispanic to hold such a high-ranking cabinet post. Please.

Let’s get one thing straight here, Mr. Richardson. There is only one
person left who can truly speak to the plight of the nation’s last real struggling minority–female warrior Hillary Rodham Clinton!

Saluting Shattered Glass Ceilings Everywhere

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