Hillary Clinton’s Very Own "Rahmbo"

Ooooh, could there be something going on between Obama’s former nemesis Hillary Rodham Clinton and his newly appointed White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel?

Conventional wisdom says no, but some bored reporters are apparently saying otherwise. Slow news day or steamy secret love affair?

The buzz started when Clinton, who met with President Bush to discuss the economic stimulus package on Tuesday, agreed to hold a conference call with reporters.

Amid the usual boring questions about Joe Lieberman’s future and her thoughts on being a Senator during an Obama administration, the topic turned to juicier subjects like Rahm Emanuel, who also happened to be a staffer in hubby Bill Clinton’s White House.

Clinton answered the first question, “Will Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff be good for New York’s interest?” with some dull non-controversial response about how Obama understands the needs of big cities and blah blah blah.

Nothing sensational here.

So the reporter probed a little further, “Do you think that Rahm’s going to be accessible to New Yorkers?”

“Rahm Emanuel?” Clinton asked with a smile in her voice. “He’s going to be accessible to me.”

Which could only mean one thing.

Sex kitten Hillary Rodham Clinton isn’t getting her kicks from ol’ hubby Bill and has instead turned to her personal “Rahmbo,” sexy stud muffin Rahm Emanuel to satiate her womanly desires.

And judging from the picture, I think we have a pretty good idea why.

I mean, can you really blame the woman?

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