Holy Cow-on-the-Tracks! Wacky RNC Chairman Michael Steeles the Show

Thanks to the magical land of tubes known as the Internets, precious moments once relegated to a secret corner of the attic can now be enjoyed by any loser with a computer and a connection.

That means everyday schlubs like you and me can now enjoy once-hidden treasures like this hilarious photo album of endlessly entertaining RNC Chairman Michael Steele striking various wacky poses with his awesome interns. Off-the-hook yo!

I don’t know about you but I, for one, can think of nothing more delightful than chillin’ with the chairman of the Republican National Committee while he shows off his phat skillz connecting with today’s hip-hop Republican youth. For fun!

HAHAHAHAHA, he’s so cool and wacky, he can even make a whole album of goofy photos. We’re talkin’ fist-bumps, badass arm-crosses, headlocks, hilarious bald-head rubbing, the old point and laugh, crazy back-to-back action, wild peace sign flashin’, fake marriage proposals, the classic flamingo pose, and some of the craziest impromptu open mouth moves this side of the Potomac.

Because anything can happen when you’re a wild and wacky Republican intern who just so happens to have the coolest cow in the world as your boss. Moo, Motherf**kers, moo!

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