Hunger Gets What Hunger Wants!

Barack Obama: Bringing People Together

It is no secret that President Obama has made bipartisanship an important theme in his first two months in office. So he will be happy to know that there’s one issue both Democratic and Republican members of congress readily agree on: their seething hatred of the “tiny little portions” of food served at the White House.

These dedicated lawmakers work hard every day to help improve the lives of Americans, the least Obama can do to show his appreciation is serve a nice, piping hot meal big enough to satisfy even the most voracious congressional appetite.

Not the birdseed he’s been passing off as real grub.

While some have speculated the weight-watcher size portions at the White House are due to money constraints (and the fact that he’s asked for nearly a trillion in federal funds), those closest to the Obamas know the real reason.

What, you thought Barack’s hot bod and Michelle’s toned, sexy arms came from stuffing their faces with wheelbarrow-sized plates of burgers and fries like the rest of the fat asses in Congress?

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