If Only We Could Blame It On Gangsta Rap And Death Metal…

For anyone worried that Barack Obama is turning this country into one big hippie commune without a healthy American dose of guns and nutjobs, fear not.

There’s still plenty of right-wing loons around to storm into various public buildings and open fire on the unsuspecting public. Like 88 year-old white supremacist James Von Brunn who shot and killed a guard for fun at the Holocaust Museum or mentally ill, unemployed anti-abortion activist Scott Roeder who murders abortion doctors while they pray away their sins at a Sunday morning church service.

The same salt-of-the-earth anti-abortion radicals and anti-Semitic extremists the recent Department of Homeland Security report warned us about, before being logically dismissed as just another smear attack on conservatives by arugula-eating liberals who know nothing about keeping this nation safe.

Sure, the DHS memo warned that the election of a black president coupled with a crumbling economy could lead to a surge in violence by the same upstanding citizens
afraid that President Obama would take away their semi-automatic weapons and herd people into concentration camps because that’s what Jewish-controlled governments do.

Since high-profile attacks from far-right lunatics never has and never will be a problem in this country, clearly, the DHS memo was nothing more than a hit job on conservatives and veterans. They should be ashamed of themselves, thinking innocent extremists with military training, no job or money, and plenty of hate could be capable of hurting anyone.

Whatever happened to the good old days of Columbine, when all unspeakable acts of violence could be pinned squarely on that Marilyn Manson character for making all the kids shoot each other with his rock songs?

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