In First Interview, Palin Proves She Can Look Good, Pronounce Big Words, And Perhaps Kill You

Sarah “Barracuda” Palin has finally emerged from her self-imposed sequester to make her unscripted network television debut with ABC’s Charles Gibson, lucky winner of the “Who Gets To Pop Palin’s Prime-Time Press Cherry Sweepstakes?”

So how did our favorite li’l gun-toting Alaskan fare in her first real media interview?

Well that depends. She looked pretty hot in her classic brown suit and stylishly sexy glasses. But not too hot to make you uncomfortable with the idea of her in power. So in the overall looks department, she was solid, lets say like an 8/10.

In terms of actual substance, she didn’t score quite so well. On the one hand, Palin wasn’t a total bomb. There were no sudden outbursts or momentary fits of hysteria. She didn’t even say anything that psycho, aside from the whole “possible war with Russia” comment. Such a sparkplug, that Sarah!

I guess the problem was more with what this surprisingly attractive vice-presidential candidate didn’t say, or know…or both.

Even the feisty way Palin kept inserting his name back into her carefully-crafted responses, “Yes, Charlie, I do think I am ready.” “No, Charlie, I did not hesitate to accept,” couldn’t hide the fact that we’re thisclose to having the second-most powerful person in the world be a charming nutjob from Wasilla, Alaska who will rip the beating heart out of your chest with her bare hands and devour it; all while looking exactly like the sexy librarian from every porn movie you’ve ever seen.

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