Is The 5th Time A Charm For Joe Lieberman’s Climate Bill To Destroy Earth?

America’s least popular Democrat-turned-Independent-turned pariah Sen. Joe Lieberman has managed to do the one thing he does best: piss everyone off!

So it is with this dual gift of petulance and spite that Joe “Wah Wah” Lieberman forges ahead in his quest to revive the already five-time-defeated House climate change bill in the less conservative Senate by increasing funding for coal and nuclear power plants, a move certain to appeal to those who believe “climate change” is really just a code-word for raping Mother Earth for all she’s worth. Ca-chiiing!

People like go-it-alone Joe and his patriotic crew of Republican “friends” and legislators who quite frankly won’t be voting for any climate change anything, but get a kick out of watching ol’ Joe scramble around angering Democrats and other liberal lame-o’s who want a climate change bill because of its alleged ability to actually change the climate, as in the opposite of polluting the hell out of it.

While Joe’s special climate change bill does include plenty of sweet perks to coal companies and the nuclear power industry (which also makes Republicans HOT!), its chances of passing in Congress appear bleak, since it is despised by most Dems and everyone else who would like to see the planet survive beyond their senate term.

“I don’t think we’re going to [pass a bill] without bipartisan support,” Lieberman whined. “And without a nuclear title that’s stronger than in the House climate change legislation, we’re not going to be able to get enough votes to pass climate change.”

Or at least not the kind that suffocates any and all oxygen-breathing organisms in its reach with a noxious blend of fossil fuels, greenhouse gas, a dash of Republican insincerity and greed, and a nice, hearty dose of the one-of-a-kind stupidity that is Mr. “Independent” Joe Lieberman.

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