John McCain’s Long, Slow Goodbye

Is This Damn Election Over Yet?

Poor John McCain. The man has had a rough couple of weeks.

First, the economy went to hell, freaking everyone out, including McCain who nobly “suspended his campaign” to address the dire financial mess and tell America not to panic. Which of course caused everyone to do just that.

Next, it was the liberal media with their damn polls showing Barack Obama commanding impressive double-digit leads over poor Gramps McCain.

Then came word that McCain was pulling out of Michigan, with his campaign officially deeming the economically-ravaged state a “lost cause.”

The wheels basically come off after Johnny’s embarrassing walk-of-shame out of Michigan.

Rumors were soon swirling that McCain’s campaign was also collapsing in other key swing states. Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, suddenly leaning in favor of Barack Obama!

No, things are not looking good at all for John S. McCain.

With elections less than two weeks away, it appears increasingly evident that when it comes to John McCain’s dreams of the White House, three times is not a charm.

But, don’t despair old Johnny, my friend. Some good did come out of the otherwise abysmal failure that was your 2008 presidential campaign.

Can you say, Palin 2012??

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