Justice Antonin Scalia Is Turning Elena Kagan Into A Hunter & Hopefully Into The Next Mounted Trophy On His Wall

NOOOOOOOOO! NO, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go hunting with Antonin Scalia.  Do not exchange the black robe for a camouflage vest. Do not lace up your hiking boots or sharpen your bowie knife.  Do not load your double-barreled shotgun. And whatever you do, DO NOT get in unmarked, rusty camper vans to go alone in the woods with Antonin freakin’ Scalia!!

“He’s made a huntress out of me,” Kagan told Mike Gousha, host of “On the Issues” at Marquette’s law school – and about 240 law students listening in on their talk. The justices have bagged pheasant and quail, and plan to go after bigger game out West this fall.

OMG! Someone warn her quick! Doesn’t she know the age-old, bipartisan power trick called POLITICAL MURDER? Hell, the last time Dick Cheney went hunting, the only thing he bagged was his ol’ buddy Harry Whittington with multiple rounds of birdshot to his face. Do you really think Antonin Scalia would so much as hesitate to snuff her out, and make Elena the newest trophy adorning his office wall?

“He insists I’m going to shoot myself an antelope,” Kagan said. That’s fine with her, she said, because she’s come to view hunting as “really good fun.”

Almost as much fun as overturning centuries of precedent and hunting poor people with supremely partisan, supremely dickish judicial precision.

Seriously, Elena think about it. You know that “bigger game” Scalia’s always talking about? Yeah, umm, that “bigger game” is YOU.

What? I Thought She Was A Moose!

 [image via AP]

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