Mac Or PC? McCain Prefers His Abacus

Did you know that some of America’s most prominent politicians also happen to be responsible for some of the greatest technological achievements of the century? It’s true!

I’m sure you remember when Al Gore first blessed us with the Internet. But, did you know that John McCain invented the Blackberry!? Remarkable! What an inspiration it is to see our country’s great leaders at the forefront of the technological revolution, using their ingenuity to help create some of modern society’s most precious gadgets.

But perhaps even more amazing than McCain’s technical wizardry in inventing the Blackberry is how far he is willing to go to make others not feel bad about being so much less smart than him. McCain is so humble that he even pretends to be borderline technically-retarded, or as he puts it, “computer illiterate.”

Ha ha, how funny is that? A genius, tech-God like McCain pretending to be a bumbling idiot who uses the Internets to search on The Google and says things like, “I’ve never felt the particular need to e-mail.”

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